Year one







I finished the first year’s worth of embroidery just in time for L’s second birthday. This will be an ongoing project throughout his first 18, well, 19 years. I previously wrote about it here. These are some of my favorite parts for last year. His second year is all written out and ready for me to keep working.


Birthday tablecloth

So I really have been working on something, slowly but surely. I saw an idea last year about using a sheet as a tablecloth on holidays, and having everyone in attendance sign it or write something pithy or draw something, etc. Then over the course of the year embroidering each thing that was marked on the cloth so that a keepsake could be created. I decided to do this for each of Logan’s birthdays with he addition of that someday I can turn that sheet with 18 years of birthday memories on it into a quilt (the bottom of the quilt) I can even start collecting pieces that will be suitable for the quilt top too. I’m really happy I read about this. It’s going to be a fun project.


Road trips

The nice thing about road trips (we went to the beach on the 4th) is that I get to work on something creative. I have finished my bonnet excepting for adding this lovely antique lace I found a couple months ago with Nora. I am thrilled to get a new bonnet in time for the upcoming Pittock Mansion picnic!


A new blue skirt

Well, I thought there were some pictures of me all decked out in the almost finished black gown at Le Bon Ton’s Haunted Summer Evening, but it seems they have disappeared from the ether. Not to worry, I still have some trim work to finish on it, and shall post images later. In the meantime, I’ve finished cleaning up the seams on the purple sheer, and I’ve got some of the box pleats made for the black dress. I’ve also started a (gasp!) modern skirt from this Simplicity pattern.
I’ll have a white lining under a solid blue, and I’ve sketched out a design for embroidering one of the godets; I like the idea of a darker blue embroidery on the light blue fabric.

I like the two outer lilies and think I shall place one above the other, with possibly some hint of leaves or something to round out the design.

I also have a couple of lovely finds here; Nora and I were shopping at the wonderful Button Emporium and Ribbonry some time ago where I found the printed image. I decided this would be a lovely addition to our room at the Regency retreat coming up in December, and it needed only a frame, which I found today. Perfect!

Drawstring progress

These gowns never look as good on
the dress form as they do on,
however, here is the bodice finished
(save for the sleeve hems), and the 95
inches of fabric crammed into 30 or
so inches of knife pleats. I have only
to attach the two and decide where the
drawstring goes to finish the main
construction. Then, should I
have time, I shall trim with ruffles.

Drawstring gown

Time to start a new Regency gown. I have this lovely black linen stripe that I will wear this weekend to an event hosted by Le Bon Ton.

I started out thinking that maybe I would make another bibfront, since I now like it much better with my new long stay underneath giving me the proper shape. But, like I’ve stated previously, I’m still not sure about this design. I almost feel like it’s the Regency version of overalls, and frankly, overalls are no one’s friend…
See why one should wear a petticoat ladies? Muslin is rather see through.

So, the mental debate rages on. I’ve attempted the drawstring previously, and failed to make one I particularly like. Nora has given me a few tips that give me hope and so I am altering a patten from two that I currently like. The back of my new purple sheer…
(This is just showing my alterations of the original Janet Arnold pattern.)

And the front of my bodiced petticoat.

So far, so good.

I’ve actually gotten a bit further than this stage, but have failed to take pictures yet. Have I mentioned how much I love this fabric? The stripes are subtle yet give it visual interest. I have the notion to add box pleat ruffles around the sleeve and neck line. We’ll see if I have time. After the event this weekend, It will make a nice under dress for sheers to go over as black was not an oft used color unless one was mourning, or (gasp!) worked for a living.