Baby knit hats




I set out to make a knit hat for L (the teal one). I used one the knitting looms that I’ve been using with my Jr Youth Group; we’re learning to make hats and scarves so that we can donate them this fall. After it was done I realized the yarn was not stretchy enough and it would never fit so I used the maroon one. Well, that one stretches nicely, but it was still too small so I’ve embellished them for a couple smaller wee ones and I hope they’ll fit! On to a larger size next time. And now I know that this particular loom is no good for older children much less adult hats.


Year one







I finished the first year’s worth of embroidery just in time for L’s second birthday. This will be an ongoing project throughout his first 18, well, 19 years. I previously wrote about it here. These are some of my favorite parts for last year. His second year is all written out and ready for me to keep working.

Fun with blocks

A dear friend’s son recently turned 1, and I wanted to make something for him. I found a lovely pattern for crochet bean bag blocks and just whipped through a bunch for him and a few for my Logan berry. I was able to accomplish this feat by utilizing his bed time which is now on a schedule! Anyway, baby J seems to enjoy them, even if it’s taking my boy a bit longer to get into them.



Bonnets and curls




Oh my word! Those curls and that face! That cheerio! I do love this boy so.

I’m also starting a bonnet which I hope to have finished before topsails and Tea tomorrow. I disliked the height of the crown, plus it was a but uneven making it lopsided so i chopped it down and tried to amend that. We’ll see…

Begin Again

Clearly I have consistency issues with blogging. Clearly. That being said, I am quite busy these days what with a one year old and starting a business. I know, I know… I’m insane. Which I could point to lack of sleep due to a teething child (3 molars at once!), but I digress. What really got me on this new path was my son. You see, years ago when I first broached the idea of me having kids someday to my boss, he was quite open to it. He even suggested I bring in a play area for said future child, and was positive he was fine with me working and having a child with me in the office. Fast forward to reality and he is not so much ok with things. And I get it, I really do. L is noisy, and needs constant attention. Usually attention from his grandmother (who is now retired and spends 3 days a week with us) will suffice, but sometimes a boy just needs his mamma. So after much tension between me and the boss with the struggle over our new reality, my mother suggests “why don’t we start a virtual assistant business together?”. And as soon as I started considering it, the weight began to lift from my shoulders. I felt like I could salvage a deteriorating relationship with my boss and branch out into a more interesting and fulfilling workday. My current boss will continue to be a client, and I’ve made an agreement with a second client as well. I don’t plan on losing my full time status until the end of the year, when I hopefully have more clients, but this is a good start. What this will do is open up how I spend my days working. I never really cared for paying bills or being in an office environment, so I can pick and choose what tasks I will maintain for current boss, plus engage in the fun of sussing out what kinds of things I’ll be doing for new clients. I don’t mean that sarcastically either. I really am looking forward to figuring out what I want to hone my talents to.

So for now, I’ll leave you with gratuitous baby boy pics.



Birthdays and new hobbies

My computer was virus infected last week. It seems it was more of an STD than a flu though, as it apparently had claws it was digging in to unusual places, and my poor sick husband had to work extra hard to get rid the infection. Gah!
On a happier note, I had a birthday, and my lovely husband acquired a gorgeous bouquet for me. He patronized a local florist and mentioned that he had been thinking of purple roses, which she had! And she suggested Stargazers, which he knows I love. And this lovely addition of Waxflowers. I think they are quickly becoming a favorite as well; when you rub the leaves they leave a lovely citrus scent on your fingers. Well done him.
My friend Stephanie is a wonderful chef, and made me an unbelievable cake. The interior is purple marbled and lemon lavender flavored. A true masterpiece in my home.
My mother took me shopping as has become tradition for my birthday, and she purchased a length of fabric I’ve been coveting, along with some super cute knee high socks from Sock Dreams, here in Portland. If you like unusual socks, I highly recommend them. They even have responsible, office worthy socks if you trend toward those.
I’ve recently taken up crochet. The lovely Nora taught me some basics and I seem to have really taken a liking to the craft. I have skeins of crafty type yarn that is to scratchy for clothing, but perfect for things like the hot pads I’ve made. I think I’ll hone my skills by working through the cheaper yarn, making things like this until I’m happy enough to move on to working with the more expensive, softer stuff that I had to diligently avoid looking at while in my local yarn store. You see I simply HAD to go into the shop as the cheap, plastic needle I had been using finally snapped on Friday. Woe.
Of course I must not abandon my sewing machine, and have several projects in mind that really should be completed before baby comes in May. I have some red silk to make into a Regency robe, and I now have the lovely purple stripe to make into a Regency day dress. I also need to convert some jeans I have into maternity toped jeans as I am currently working with only one pair of pants that I can wear. Oh! I passed six months last week as well. What a week!
I acquired a late birthday present for Nora, two wax sealing stamps and some flexible wax that promises to be kind to the USPS machines. We’ll see. I also purchased some wax for myself, which looks lovely, I must say.