Country hours, indeed

A lot to recap over the last week. New Years Day, my mom and I went to see Raphael’s La Donna Velata (The Woman with the Veil) before it left Portland. She was so beautiful in person that I honestly teared up while gazing at her. This is a paltry example, but it may give some idea as what I was looking at.

I also made fair progress on my Regency coat. I’ve decided that the term ‘pelerine’ was incorrect. I believe this is actually a redingote or pelisse. In any case, it was quite functional enough to wear to the Feast of the Twelfth Night held Saturday last.

This event was by far the most elegant of my experiences with our Regency group to date. We began with a Whist and conversation. I made several new friends and was able to catch up with established friends. I was once again moved to watery eyes while listening to the lovely Lady Lauren sing. Again, so much more powerful in person than as recorded. We progressed on to a full 3 course meal that was beyond sumptuous, with much gaity amongst the guests. Brava Stephanie for the evening and Brava Stephanie II for the meal. It was incomprable to any meal I’ve yet partaken in and not likely to be forgotten soon, especially since I’m pretty sure I was still full the next morning and did not become hungry again until the next afternoon! We danced afterwards, strolled the park and then a few of the party progressed on to Ms Connie’s lovely home for more dancing and parlor games. All in all a most enjoyable week.
Also, I am starting a figure painting class today, so more on that soon, I’m sure.
Cheers and Blessings