Baby knit hats




I set out to make a knit hat for L (the teal one). I used one the knitting looms that I’ve been using with my Jr Youth Group; we’re learning to make hats and scarves so that we can donate them this fall. After it was done I realized the yarn was not stretchy enough and it would never fit so I used the maroon one. Well, that one stretches nicely, but it was still too small so I’ve embellished them for a couple smaller wee ones and I hope they’ll fit! On to a larger size next time. And now I know that this particular loom is no good for older children much less adult hats.


Year one







I finished the first year’s worth of embroidery just in time for L’s second birthday. This will be an ongoing project throughout his first 18, well, 19 years. I previously wrote about it here. These are some of my favorite parts for last year. His second year is all written out and ready for me to keep working.

Fun with blocks

A dear friend’s son recently turned 1, and I wanted to make something for him. I found a lovely pattern for crochet bean bag blocks and just whipped through a bunch for him and a few for my Logan berry. I was able to accomplish this feat by utilizing his bed time which is now on a schedule! Anyway, baby J seems to enjoy them, even if it’s taking my boy a bit longer to get into them.



Birthday tablecloth

So I really have been working on something, slowly but surely. I saw an idea last year about using a sheet as a tablecloth on holidays, and having everyone in attendance sign it or write something pithy or draw something, etc. Then over the course of the year embroidering each thing that was marked on the cloth so that a keepsake could be created. I decided to do this for each of Logan’s birthdays with he addition of that someday I can turn that sheet with 18 years of birthday memories on it into a quilt (the bottom of the quilt) I can even start collecting pieces that will be suitable for the quilt top too. I’m really happy I read about this. It’s going to be a fun project.


Beach & Bonnet




We braved the beach crowds on the 4th to have some nom seafood from The Old Oregon Smokehouse (chowder, crab cakes and shrimp cocktail for the win!), and to let the boy play in the biggest sandbox ever. He was thrilled with the beach.
And here’s a final teaser on the now complete bonnet. I have a new bonnet and it wasn’t finished last minute!!

Road trips

The nice thing about road trips (we went to the beach on the 4th) is that I get to work on something creative. I have finished my bonnet excepting for adding this lovely antique lace I found a couple months ago with Nora. I am thrilled to get a new bonnet in time for the upcoming Pittock Mansion picnic!