Bonnets and curls




Oh my word! Those curls and that face! That cheerio! I do love this boy so.

I’m also starting a bonnet which I hope to have finished before topsails and Tea tomorrow. I disliked the height of the crown, plus it was a but uneven making it lopsided so i chopped it down and tried to amend that. We’ll see…


Begin Again

Clearly I have consistency issues with blogging. Clearly. That being said, I am quite busy these days what with a one year old and starting a business. I know, I know… I’m insane. Which I could point to lack of sleep due to a teething child (3 molars at once!), but I digress. What really got me on this new path was my son. You see, years ago when I first broached the idea of me having kids someday to my boss, he was quite open to it. He even suggested I bring in a play area for said future child, and was positive he was fine with me working and having a child with me in the office. Fast forward to reality and he is not so much ok with things. And I get it, I really do. L is noisy, and needs constant attention. Usually attention from his grandmother (who is now retired and spends 3 days a week with us) will suffice, but sometimes a boy just needs his mamma. So after much tension between me and the boss with the struggle over our new reality, my mother suggests “why don’t we start a virtual assistant business together?”. And as soon as I started considering it, the weight began to lift from my shoulders. I felt like I could salvage a deteriorating relationship with my boss and branch out into a more interesting and fulfilling workday. My current boss will continue to be a client, and I’ve made an agreement with a second client as well. I don’t plan on losing my full time status until the end of the year, when I hopefully have more clients, but this is a good start. What this will do is open up how I spend my days working. I never really cared for paying bills or being in an office environment, so I can pick and choose what tasks I will maintain for current boss, plus engage in the fun of sussing out what kinds of things I’ll be doing for new clients. I don’t mean that sarcastically either. I really am looking forward to figuring out what I want to hone my talents to.

So for now, I’ll leave you with gratuitous baby boy pics.