Toten along

Although I have been silent, I’ve not been static. I finished a tote bag for my mom to put all her jewelry making supplies in so that she can work anywhere. Before I put it all together I showed her the fabric choices and she calmly said… “only an artist could put those together”
…which worried me for a beat; thoughts of ‘am I crazy with this combo” and ‘maybe she won’t like it’ went through my brain. But I quickly hushed them up and proceeded. I knew she’d like it once it was together. My darling husband covered the buttons for me, and a week later still has the bruises to show it. There has to be a better method then what we were using.

I just love the buttons
Snaps all around the outside, and a few on the inside. 15 pockets in all!
Here’s a veiw of all 3 fabrics together. I can see the trepidation of combining them
She was quite thrilled with the end product
Love Love Love the buttons!

I’ve also started on a Regency nightgown for the retreat this December. I forced myself to watch Sense and Sensibility again, the 2008 BBC version, for inspiration. Really, my arm was being twisted to do this research. 🙂 At one point, Hattie Morahan (as Elinore) and Charity Wakefield (as Marianne) were chatting before bed, allowing a good view of their nightgowns. I sketched them up and choose the top two images for mine. I have a list started somewhere with the massive amount of things I still need. I’ll probably finish that up and post it here so I have some accountability 🙂

A good start

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