Blue on Blue

I am enamored of a new blog I’ve found, welovefrenchknots and have utilized an embroidery stitch that the lovely Bari has shown me (the bouillon stitch) in my new skirt! I started out very methodical about this and drew two of my flowers out first. As you can see, I used two of the sketches previously shown, and added a third. I have never used any sort of transfer method before, and decided that I should for this project. I used some sort of carbon like transfer paper and had to experiment before I figured out how to best use it (fabric, then carbon, then original drawing which I just traced back over) 

 Here comes the not so methodical part… I drew my first one on, and then proceeded to embroider it. Drew the second one on, embroidered it, and then decided I wanted a third one on there, below the first two. So I sketched out another one I liked put it on and started. And part way through I realized how close I was to the hem; so close in fact, that there was no way I could hem it properly and still make it look good.  Oops. 

 Plan B formulated and I decided to match the embroidery with binding. Of course I had to make my own binding, as that exact color did not exist pre-made. Oh well, no worries, and I actually love the addition.

I did have to temper myself and keep the embroidery to one panel so as not to make it look over done, otherwise this could be the project that never ends with every inch covered in bluework. Can you blame me though? The blue on blue is divine.
Overall, I like the skirt. I’m not thrilled with the waistband (elastic) but I suppose I knew that going into it.

And the front panel lies weirdly, which I’m guessing has something to do with the elastic as well. I suppose I could try to remove the elastic, pleat the top and insert a zipper, but I don’t want to ruin it. And I’m pretty sure pleats are not flattering on me.
I didn’t realize this was so out of focus when I took it, but here it is on.

Thanks for the inspiration Bari!!


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