mundane to enlivened

We started out this weekend with no plans whatsoever. Then, we started cleaning. Granted, my in-laws are visiting next weekend and we would have needed to clean anyway. About half an hour into the downstairs, I remember their impending visit and the fact that my sewing room is also the guest room. And how incredibly messy and uninhabitable it is. So, I proceeded to that room. I had, for a couple months now, been toying with the idea of clearing out my old crafts in that room which were mostly abandoned or otherwise unused supplies. In place of said supplies, I could organise my ever growing pile of material. This seemed like a good time to commence with that project. And it was! I gave away to some neighbor kids my student grade chalk pastels and paints, and some candle making supplies and a never attempted kit for making paper. The first 2 I have just upgraded to more professional versions and did not want to waste the student grade stuff, the last 2… well, they seemed like a great idea and lots of fun, but I never got around to it, and I have been in a decluter mode over the last six months or so. We also moved my sewing desk downstairs to the living room where I can sew while my darling plays his games. This will also force me to keep it somewhat clean. I rearraned the guest room, and we moved the fish tank and movies over to accomodate the sewing desk. I am utterly pleased with the outcome. The living room actually looks more open as we were able to move two other tables out and a chair to the other end of the room.
Oh, and somewhere in there I was able to finish my stay!!! I’m calling it my dreamsicle, due to the color combo. I am also working on a new day dress and I just got some new material for a new evening dress, and some material and a pattern for a modern purse. Oh! I’m really excited about a shoe pattern I saw in Butterick. I think one of them will be perfect for Regency and I cannot wait to find the pattern and try it out (the store was out of them, or I would have purchased it right then!!)
Cheers, and Blessings,