Embroidery work

I decided to try my hand again at embroidery, and do a little work on the stay that I’m making. Aside from a little buckling, I’m pretty happy with it. I’ve finished seam ripping on the old day dress, and have yet to start over on the new pattern. I think I will keep the skirt from simplicity pattern and go with the bodice from La Mode Bagatelle, incorporating the drawstring capability from Simplicity. This will be my first foray into mixing patterns. Seems simple on the surface… I’m sure it will not be though 🙂


Fabric shopping day!

I went shopping with Nora today, and acquired some new project material! I am in need of a new stay, as my first one was the first clothing item I attempted and is fraying a bit. We can’t have that most important garment falling apart. I purchased the peach fabric for my regency wear, and the brown fabric is to attempt the same stay but with modern fastenings. We’ll see.
The other pattern is completely modern. It’s one I acquired for Christmas and am going to attempt a long sleeve and short sleeve with the 2 fabrics you see. It’s supposed to be a stretchy fabric (which the pink is) and I’m a little terrified of that due to lack of experience, but this is how we learn! 🙂 The patterned fabric will be interesting. linen, not terribly stretchy, and I will have to place the pattern very carefully. So all in all, I’ve not chosen an easy couple of projects for myself, but when have I ever done that? I really can’t wait to start, but I reaaaaaly need to clean the sewing room. It’s a huge mess and I think I would be happier starting with a clean space. 😦 So maybe that will be a motivator